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What is request for the injection mould steel performance?

The quality of the injection mold quality mainly decide by many aspects of the mould structure, moudl steel, and parting surface, water transport system, pouring system, ejector system, the choice of mould steel is particularly important among them, the general injection mould steel should have four basic performance as follow:

The first: enough surface hardness and wear resistance
Injection mould steel hardness usually under the 50-60 HRC, the mould should have enough surface hardness after heat treatment, to ensure the mould have enough stiffness. The working process of injection mould in need to bear greater pressure stress, improving mold hardness advantageous to improve the mould wear resistance, compressive property and extend the mould life.

The second: excellent cutting processability
Injection mould processing in addition to EDM machining, still need to cutting processing.In order to prolong the service life of cutting tools, injection 
mould steel must need the good cutting performance and suitable hardness.

Third: good polishability
High quality plastic products surface need very high demands, especially the injection product which need electroplate. So the corresponding polishability of 
injection mould steel is good, and won't appear pitting in polishing. The steel impurity is small, surface roughness should be in RA0.1-0.25, and mirror 
surface requires RA < 0.01 NM.

Fourth: stability
A lot of injection mold parts is more complex and difficult to machining after quenching. Therefore, we should select a good thermostability of steel.The 
steel should has small deformation and low expansion coefficient after heat treatment.

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