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Six factors to influence injection mold structure

Whether the structure of the injection mold design is reasonable will affect the mould life and the quality of plastic product directly. What should be consider in the design of plastic mould structure?

   The first: parting surface design. We should consider to the difficulty degree of parting surface processing and sealing material in the design of parting surface. Reasonable parting surface can not only reduce the machining difficulty, but also ensure the stability of the mould in a certain extent.

   The second: demoulding way. Whether the way of demoulding is correct, the size, location and quantity of the ejector pin or pushrod is reasonable. For example there is a pushing plate eject, if the push board will be gets stuck by cavity and cause scratches.

   The third: mold cooling and die temperature regulation. It is about whether the water transport of mould is reasonable, water route and size is appropriate.Whether it can be ensure the mold work in the constant temperature.

   The fourth: the design of the core-pulling mechanism. Now most of the injection mould have the core-pulling mechanism, we should consider the stroke of core-pulling mechanism and whether the interference of internal model will appear in the design of the core-pulling mechanism.

   The fifth: the design of glue inlet and manner into plastic. The manner into plastic and glue inlet will directly affect the appearance of the plastic parts.

  Tt is particularly important. We need to design the glue inlet according to the requirements of the plastic products.

  The sixth: exhaust system. If injection mould is not exhaust enough, it will cause the burning or non-saturate.

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