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Six constituent parts of mould

A set of injection mold are mainly compose of cavity insert and core insert, the cavity insert in the injected plastic process is fixed, core insert needs to move. When we do the injection, both cavity insert and core insert closed, plastic enter into the cavity through the nozzle and then forming. When open the mould, cavity insert and core insert separate and eject the plastic parts. Below are the six basic parts of injection mold:

The first: forming part.Molding part is forming the cavity of plastic products shape, mainly compose of mould kernel, insert, other core-pulling mechanism etc.

The second: pouring system Plastic enter into the injection mold by injection machine, it need stay inside of the mold and through a channel to enter the molding cavity. This channel is called pouring system. Usually the pouring system mainly compose of the main runner, sub-runner, slug well and glue inlet.

Third: guide mechanism.In order to ensure the mold cavity can fully closed after compound die, it usually will add the guide post and guide sleeve in the cavity insert and core insert to accurate positioning. And this is the guide mechanism,

Fourth: side core-pulling mechanism .If the plastic products are unable to molding through the cavity insert and core insert, foe example, the side hole position need to set up core-pulling mechanism. After the completion of injection, the core-pulling mechanism will first pull away and then the plastic parts can be eject out smoothly.

Fifth: ejector mechanism.Plastic products after forming and cooling, it needs the ejector system to eject the plastic parts from the injection mold. In general, the average ejector .system mainly compose of the thimble eject and pushing plate eject.

Sixth: cooling system
After injection moulding, any pieces need to cooling in a period and then eject the plastic products. In general, the cooling medium are mainly compose of water cooling and oil cooling.Above is the six major parts of injection mold, any one of the six parts will affect the quality of the plastic products.

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