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The knowledge of injection mold gate (2)

he main means into glue of injection mold are point into the glue, submarine into the glue, needle valve into glue, directly into the glue. Each method of into glue has their own advantage and disadvantage, so what respect is the basis to choose into glue method in the design of the mould?

1.The appearance and assembly requirement of product. There are a lot of plastic product appearance demand is strict. For example, there is not allow to have any defect on the product surface for some digital electronic products shell. We need to consider whether the into glue method and position will affect the appearance and assembly.

2.Customer request. For the position and method of into glue, a lot of customers have very clear requirement. When determining the way of into glue, we should prioritize do what the customer request. If need to modify, it should be provided sufficient reason.

3. The position of into glue. The position and method of into glue is intervolve, for example, we usually choose the into glue method that glue inlet easy to break and into the glue stably.

4. Mould cost. With different glue inlet, the mould cost will also different. The cost of hot runner into glue, point into glue is higher than the cost of ordinary submarine into glue and direct into glue. We should guarantee the quality of injection mold and injection molding product requirements, and choose the most appropriate method to into glue at the same time.

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