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The backoff structure analysis of traditional plastic mould(1)

Backoff and clip-on fastener structure was widely used in plastic products structure design.It used the elastic deformation of plastic material itself and the components will be closed directly. It is no need to use gluing or screw locking way, and to simplifies the connection assembly process of plastic products greatly. The structure is simple and reliabale, it can meet most of the connection occasions, and make the design of plastic products become flexible.

     After innovation, the design of Backoff structure is widely used in the shell design of structural plastic products. It is not only beautiful and practical, and greatly reduced the production cost of plastic products assembly in mass production. And with the corresponding, it needs to increase the certain difficulty in the mold design and manufacturing. Different from the traditional two-plate molds, it can not be came off the plastic product from the mould after completing the injection cycle. And it needs assist with certain tripping action. Certainly, it increases the mould manufacturing cost and maintenance cost, are put forward higher request to the production reliability as well. Refer to part of the statistical data of mould industry, backoff structure will be more than 20% in a certain extent of mould cost and delivery.

    Quality, delivery and cost has been the index of plastic mould industry to continuously pursuit. plastic product has been changing with each passing day,and each kind of plastic products has its unique characteristics. According to the structure of the plastic products to develop its optimization of plastic mould structure scheme will play a decisive role.

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