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The backoff structure analysis of traditional plastic mould(2)

One of the traditional backoff and Clip-on structure of injection molds are using two methods to demould, which including forced knock out demoulding, angle from pin and slide demoulding. The structure of forced knock out demoulding is simpler than angle from pin and slider demoulding, the cost is lower as well. But it is extremely limited. Most of this way is used in the soft rubber product. It is hard to used in the hard rubber product, which is easy to damage the injection molding product and affect its quality. Moreover,there is a serious constraint in the backoff angle and backoff form of forced knock out demoulding.

      The other traditional backoff demoulding structure is angle from pin and slider demoulding structure. More than 95% of the backoff material level are using this kind of demoulding structure. The main operating principle of angle from pin demoulding is take off the backoff material level in the process of knock out. For slider demoulding, its slider structure move first after mold open, and take off the backoff position. The structure of angle from pin and slider are more flexible, we can help all kinds of backoff to demould by changing angle and other parameters.

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