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Injection mold manufacturing process - electric spark machining accuracy

Electric spark machining is one of the most common technologies of the injection mold manufacturing process. Many parts of machining all need electrical sparkle, which much more used in material level and sealing material level. And the accuracy of the material level and sealing material level processing will affect the difficulty of mold fitting and the size of injection product.The positioning of electrode is the most important factor for the accuracy of electric spark machining among them.

       The most used positioning method is use the electrode to touching the workpiece edge. As the touching contact area is large, and there are many factors to affect the accuracy of positioning which including the electrode or the burr and existing tiny sundry on the workpiece,the electrode and the flatness, the parallelism and the perpendicularity of the workpiece. Therefore, the positioning of electrode is not accurate and will affect the machining precision. The processing can meet the reuqirement of injection mold depends on if processing a high precision injection mold. If yes, it can not meet the requirement. Then it needs to scrap the workpiece and remake.If not, it can meet the requirement and no need to remake. So how to guarantee the accuracy? We can use the indirect orientation method that use the standard ball touch point to locate the electrode. Using the standard ball positioning, not only easy to ensure the accuracy of positioning, but also convenient to find the reference point of the complex workpiece.

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