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How to solve the burrs problem of injection products

In the process of plastic injection molding productsthere will be burrs or flash. These products which have burrs are all belong to the unqualified products.If we do not try to improve, the percent of pass to plastic product will be greatly reduced. So how to solve the product with burrs problem?

     1. To do the compound die and fitting again. Products with burrs or flash mostly because the compound die of injection mold is not good enough, so we need to
fitting the mold again, FIT.

   2. The adjustment of injection technics.Usually the great pressure or the long dwell time would be very easy to flash, and result in the plastic injection is overmuch and cause burrs. At this time, we need to adjust to solve the problem of injection mold. But if the flash cause by mold problem, it still need to repair the mold to solve the flash problem fundamentally.

  3. The problem of injection machine.Sometimes the clamping force of injection machine is not enough, and it will cause the burrs of injection product in injection process. Then we need to replace a high T machine.

   In short, when we found the injection products have burrs, we must first analysis the cause of the burrs, and then to work out the relevant solutions.

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