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The cooling system design of injection mold

After completing injection, the injection products will cooling in the injection machine for a while. The cooling system performance is good or bad will directly affect the product appearance and size. So what should be noticed in design the cooling system?

     The first: try to ensure uniform cooling for each part of product, so as to ensure product shrinkage is the same and aviod causing the deformation of product.

     The second: the diameter of cooling waterway should big enough, so it can take enough heat away.

     The third: design the cooling waterway should pay attention to the distance with material level.If the distance is too close, it would easy to piercing in the process of mold processing and injection molding production, and then cause to water leakage. If it is too far, it is not so effective for cooling.

     The fourth: cooling waterway cannot be designed too long.If the cooling waterway is too long, the temperature of cooling water at the end will be very high and not effective for cooling.

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