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What advantages does hot runner mold have compare with conventional nozzle mold?

 Many friends who had manufactured the injection mold all know that the same mold into the glue with hot runner mold cost higher than conventional mold. Since the hot runner mold cost more, then what advantages does it have compare with conventional nozzle mold?

     1. Gate stub bar doesn't need to subsequent processing. No gate material, automatic production completely, save manpower, and improve efficiency. (but except for the hot runner to turn into the cold runner into glue)

    2. The loss of Pressure and temperature are small. Hot runner channel temperature is the same as nozzle temperature, which can avoid cooling the plastic material in the flow passage, in order to decrease pressure loss.

    3. The temperature is uniform for hot runner into glue, the quality of product gate is better than conventional mold.

   4. Save cost. Hot runner mold has no gate material, it saves the raw material greatly.

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