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How to design a reasonable ejection system for plastic product?

After completing the manufacture of plastic products, they need to be ejected out from the injection mold cavity by the ejection system.If the design of ejection system is not reasonable,it is likely to make the defective plastic products, so what need to pay attention for designing the ejection system?

   The first: eject the product out evenly. In the process of ejecting the plastic products, if the product eject unevenly, it is likely to make the product fall in advance, and can not be ejected.

   The second: after the product ejector, the product will not deformation and crack. If plastic products uneven force or the internal stress of plastic products are too large, ejection system will be forced to eject the product out, and it would be likely to make the product deformative and crack.

   The Third: the defective product surface. For example, to use the ejector to eject the plastic product out, if the position where to put the ejector in is not reasonabole, and the product surface will has the bad phenomena like ejector pin imprint or stress mark.

   Above is three basic requirements to meet for a reasonable ejector system. In addition to these requirements, many customers also have a a lot of another special requirements for ejection system. We must consider about this when we design the ejection system.

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