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How to solve the sticky mold problem of plastic products

When testing the mold, we always found that there is sticky mold situation of injection product. Sometimes the sticking cav or sticking core at times, so what should we do to solve the problem?

     The first: increase the polishing.For example, if the product stick to the cavity insert, we can polish the material level and rib. If it stick to the core insert, then polish the core insert.

    The second: increasing the draft.In many cases,the cause of sticky mold is because the draft is not enough, so we can increase the draft in the product size

    The third: increase reverse power to pull the products. For example, if the product stick to the cavity insert, we can add the rid to the core insert or make  it thick to increase the strength of pulling the product(as far as that product allow).

    The fourth: use the mold release.To use the mold release in the injection mould can help injection product to improve the sticky mold question.But it cannot be use for a long time, we need to solve the problem fundamentally.

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