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The workflow of the injection mold design

Every company has its own design workflow for plastic mold,and below is our workflow of mold design:

1.After receiving customer's 3D file, we should analyse the mold. The project engineer will held the open mold seminar, to confirm the gate location, gate way, ejector pin position, and mold structure.

2.Start to 2D design, and draw a completed mold assembly drawing.

3.Finished the 2D design, we need to send it to the mold analysis department to analyse the runner.

4.When the runner analysis is OK, the 2D design should be modified the mold drawing according to the runner analysis.

5.Completed the mold, we should make the 3D parting. And 3D parting will draw all the 3D drawing of mold.

6.Completed the mold parting, project leader will held the 3D parting review meeting, to determine if the design of open mold, water line, mold joint and structure are the optimum design.

7.According to the evaluation opinions, to change and improve the 3D files.

8. Classify the 2D and 3D drawing of mold, and issue the drawing to process.

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