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What is the step of injection mold testing?

Any set of injection mold need to test, it can not be produced until the sample is OK.In order to make mold can be used into production as soon as possible, the first to do is do well  every step of mold testing. So what is the step of mold testing?

    1: Ready the material of mold testing and bake.To check whether the baked material is correct and enough.

    2: Clean up the material tube. To avoid the completed sample has impurities or the injection blocked by the foreign matter in the material tube.

   3: To fix a die. Put the mold in the injection mold, and wired up the cooling water, draw bar, stablehand and other related equipment.

   4: Adjust the injection parameters, until it is satisfactory. If it can not be manufactured the satisfactory sample, it will be taken apart a die and repair.

   5: The project engineer check sample, and send it to the measuring room to measure the size.

  6: After sample confirmed OK, it should be tried to produce for 30 minutes or more, to make sure the stability of mold.

  Above is some basic steps of injection mold testing.Only the testing mold has been done well, and product is OK, then mold can be put into production.

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