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How to determine the mold size of injection mold

Injection mold cavity size is determined by the product, usually the injection mold size is D = M (1 + s), but there is a processing tolerance in the process of machining.In general,the dimension tolerance of injection mold is one third of the dimension tolerance of product. But as a result of the difference between the plastic shrinkage range and stability, we must give priority to determine the dimension tolerance of difference plastic molding part reasonably.Namely the dimension tolerance of plastic part should large because of the large shrinkage range or unstable shrinkage rate.Otherwise it may cause a lot of dimension out-of-tolerance scrap. For this reason, various countries has set national standards or industry standards for the dimension tolerance of plastic parts.China has also set the the ministerial professinal standard. But most of them have not the corresponding dimension tolerance of mold cavity.The German national standard has set the DIN16901 dimension tolerance standard of injection product and corresponding DIN16749 dimension tolerance standard of injection mold cavity. This standard has a large influence in the world, so it can be refered by the injection mold industry.

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