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Five processing property requirement of steel for injection mold

Below are five processing property requirements of steel for injection mold. We must pay attention to if the steel meet the requirement of processing property when we select the steel of injection mold. Otherwise it will cause the scrapped mold because of misuse the steel.

1.Good machinability.The low loss of tool,and low roughness of finished surface.

2.The forgeability.The resistance to deformation is not good and good plasticity. It will difficult to break and deform.

3.The uniform hardness. It will has the uniform surface hardness especially after quench.

4.Good grinding performance. No burn limit in grinding, and low loss for grinding wheel. It will difficult to gall and crack.

5.Good oxidation resistance heated at high temperatures, it will difficult to has hard spot.

To select the steel for injection mold not only need to meet the above five requirements, but also need to consider the processing requirement, price and the special requirement of steel for injection product.

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