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The main reason for the crack of injection mold

In the process of injection mould fabrication and inject the glue will cause some parts to crack, if we do not modify and maintain them on time, it will greatly reduce the mold life. In the maintainance,we need to know the reasons for the crack of injection mold first.

1.First need to consider is the mold material, the steel of mold can not meet the performance requirement for mold manufacturing. The intensity of steel is not enough.

2.The design problem of mold structure cause some parts beyond its endurance and crack.

3.The annealing Process of mold steel is improper in the heat treatment.It cause the stress of steel is too concentrated and crack.

4.Thermal coefficient of expansion is too small. In the thermal expansion, it beyond the thermal expansion force and crack.

Above are the reasons for the crack of injection mold, we need to combine with the actual situation to analyse and improve the crack of mold.

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