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Requirements for Various Fields of Plastic Mold

Along with social need, plastic products were applied to various fields because of its durable, affordable and portable, such as digital electronics, home appliances, automotive supplies, industrial supplies, daily necessities, etc. But the requirements of each field for injection products and mold are different.

1.Plastic mold for household appliances, general plastic mold for household appliances is more used in its shell, such as TV shell, washing machine shell, air conditioning shell, etc.This kind of injection molded parts will bigger, in meet the requirement of appearance and assembly while high temperature resistance and insulation performance also need to be good.
2.Injection mold  for digital electronics, this kind of injection mold is more used for mold of digital products shell, such as mobile phone, MP4, MP3, headphones, etc. Usually the cosmetic requirement of this kind of digital products shell is particular high, but it also need to make sure the assembly and size are OK.
3.Injection mold for living goods, the requirement of this injection mould is lower than the other injection mold,but the appearance of product can't have obvious defect, and the material should be environment friendly, durable, and can meet the living demand.
4.Injection mold for industrial goods, the requirement of this injection mold is mainly to meet the functional performance.

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