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How to analyse the defect of injection molding?

There are various defects of injection product in the process of injection molding, such as filling to excess, short shot, flash, shrink, deformation etc. So how to analyse these defects when we found them?
1. we should check if each product has the above defects, and we can continuously to study 10 molds to see how many molds have defects.
2. We should check the defect if exisit in every cavities. For example 1-2 cavities, if two of them have defects, or only one has.And if their positions are different.
3.To check if the runner has defect.We should leave some unfilled completely products to see if balance to into the glue.
4.To change the machine to operate, and check if there is the same defect in different machines.
For the above analysis,we can judge the reason of defects. Thus we can work out the revised scheme according to its causes.

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