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What should the mold engineer do before injection mold trial

What should the injection mold engineer do before mold testing? To sum up the six points below, a qualified mold engineer should do well every poins of them.

    1. Die trial sheet. Mold engineer need to write the die trial sheet in advance and give it to the mold testing department.The die trial sheet should including the mold relevant information,such as the injection machine tonnage, material, number of mold testing times, mold testing number,mold testing time, etc.

    2. Follow up the status of mold,and make sure the mold can be deliveried to the mold testing department on time.

    3. Know more about the structure of mold. Before die trial, mold engineer should check the mold drawing first,know the mold structure and the connection of cooling water. And work together with the mold testing department.

  4. Ready the product picture and size. Field test if the product structure is completed, and if the size of part is OK.

  5. Ready the die trial molding parameter record chart. Record the parameter of injectiion machine in mold testing, in order to ready the reference of mold testing next time, such as the injection pressure, injection speed, dwell time, circle and so on.

   6. Ready the die trial report, mold engineer need to record all the unusual situation in the process of die trial. For example, if the injection mold will leaking, the defect of product, if the injection mold operation is smooth and so on.

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