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The frequenced problems of injection mold (One)

There are various problems in the injection mold fabrication, testing and production, especially more problems in the period of fabrication and testing. In general what problem will the injection mold come out? What is the reason of these problems?
1.Guide pin.Guide pin play a locate role in the process of injection mold making, so as to ensure the compound die can be done completely and no bias.But as the cavity 
insert get a lot of wall pressure in injection molding, so the guide pin will shift one side, and it will damage in compound die.
2.Runner sticky mold. This situation is what we alway meet. Completed the injection molding and open the mold, the runner will stick on the cavity insert and can not fall out. It is generally have a lot to do with the steel material finish of runner. We can enhance the buffing of runner or add the undercut of core insert to solve this kind of problem.
3. Ejector pin crack or bend. Completed the injection and knocked out the ejector pin, due to the unreasonable design of ejector pin, too small size and too large pressure of ejector pin and unsmooth eject, all the above reasons will lead to the ejector pin bend or crack. After founding these reasons, it need to change the other ejector pin. If we have not found the cause and change the ejector pin, it also will crack or bend.

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