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The frequent problems of injection mold (Two)

We shared the three frequent problems of injection mold to you last time, they are guide pin damage,runner sticky mold and ejector pin crack or bend. Now we will go on to share the frequent problems of injection mold with you:
4. Core plate deformation or bend.In order to save the cost, a lot of company used very poor quality steel for core plate in designing the injectiion mold. And in injection molding, fusing the plastic will have huge back pressure and cause to the core plate bend. Thus, the core plate need to select the quality steel.
5. Cooling problem. Due to the design of cooling waterway is unreasonable, it is easy to cause the poor cooling effect or cooling uneven, cooling inadequate.Many designers made the injection product inadequate cooling in order to convenient processing. For the cooling water design, we should design the water line according to the product structure, and give priority to consider the water line effect of injection product and then to consider the machining of cooling waterway.
6. The defect of injection molding. In the process of injection molding, injection products will have lots of defects such as shrinkage,burrs,deformation,stress mark and so on. At this time, we should analyse the defect cause to set out the repair mold scheme. We had shared the solution for these defects before.
Above six points are the frequent problems of injection mold, if you want to know more about the relevant knowledge of injection mold, please click here:injection mold making

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