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What cause to the short shot of injection product?

     Short shot means the sizing material of injection mold can not be fill with the mold cavity in injection molding, and lead to the light stock of injection product and incomplete structure. So what cause to the short shot of injection product?
     On one hand, it is because of the unstable plasticizing amount and heat rate of injection machine. Mainly has below situations: the heating system failure cause to the real temperature of charging barrel is too low.The abraded sealing element of injection cylinder lead to the injection pressure is not enough. The abraded screw and stub bar will cause to back flow and lead to the real fill inadequate.  
    On the other hand, it is because of the mold. Mainly show in below:
   1.The cavity maldistribution of injection mold, and the wall of injection product is too thin, it cause high loss of injection pressure and can not be filled.
   2.The temperature of injection mold is too low. It cause the iliquidity shortage of injection material and lead to the light stock.
   3. The air of injection mold exhaust inadequately, lots of air can not be exhaused in cavity. Its residue is at the end of the mold and lead to cannot be filled.
   4. The runner design of injection mold is unreasonable, the transition position is not smooth enough,the improper runner size cause the loss of injection pressure is too large.All of them lead to the short shot of injection.

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