plastic mould, injection mould

The knowledge of injection mold design and injection mold guide

 General condition,  The small plastic product  that have high  precision require  and the big plastic product use 1-1 mold,especially the high-precision product,tha cave of injection mold isn't pass four cavity,becaurse if we add a cavity,the accuracy of injection mould will be reduce,TO the product of no require in accuracy ,the shape of injection  molding product is very simpleness and the  require of plastic products is very big,if we use  many cavities in designing the injection mold,it will enhance the efficiency of making,So the cavity of injection mold should be decided by the injection product.
    The designer of injection mold design two guides in designing  the small injection mold making, It will be used the symmetrical distribution when the injecion mold have no requipment, or It will be used  no symmetrical distribution when the injection mold have requipments,If the injection mold is big,it will be designed  3 or4 guides and used the symmetrical distribution .

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