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What is the feature about precision injection mold ?

The precision injection mold, we can understand it literally that it is the injection mold  with sophisticated technology. So what is the feature about precision injection mold? What is different from the normal injection mold? Maybe it is difficult for many mold engineers to list. Below are some features of precision injection mold:

1. High quality requirement of injection product. In general the precision requested to meet below 0.03MM, sometimes even requested to meet below 0.01MM. The range of product size tolerance is small.

2.Working accuracy,cooperated space between mold parts, mold cavity finish, high size accuracy requirement, it requested very high stability.

3.The high-quality steel for injection mold is high strength,pressurization, wearable.

4.Requested injection machine and other devices to control the injection pressure,speed and other relevant parameter accurately, so as to assure the weight of injection product.

Above four poins are the features of precision injection mold, if you want to know more about the mold, welcome to click: more knowledge of injection mold making.

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