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What compose of the runner system of injection mold?

Runner is a channel which is connect injection machine nozzle and injection cavity, usually composed of the main runner, sub-runner and gate. Whether the runner is reasonable related to the quality of injection product and working effect of injection molding.
1. Main runner, main runner is a section which is connect the nozzle to sub-runner. The top of main runner is concave to connect with nozzle, it also called machine nozzle R, machine nozzle R must be produced according to the standard,otherwise it will has flash situation. In addition, the main runner also need to do 3-5 degrees angle of demould, to help the main runner to demould.
2. Cold material well, it is a small section at the end of main runner.Mainly to deposit the cold material in the process of injection molding.If there is no cold material well, cold material will direct rush into the injection mold cavity, it will affect the quality of injection products.
3. Sub-runner. Sub-runner is the channel that connect the gate and the main runner, in order to make the sizing material at the same speed, the same time to full of each cavity, the arrangement of sub-runner should be into symmetric or equidistant distribution on the injection mold.
4. Gate. Gate is the channel that connected the mold cavity and the main runner, the size, shape of gate have a great influence on the quality of injection product.
In a word, the runner design of injection mold is the most important to the whole mold.If the runner design is unreasonable, there are likely to be various defects of injection product such as shrink,burrs,short shot and so on.

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