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The structural component of injection mold?

The structural component of injection mold is all kinds of parts composed the mold structure, including guide, demould,core-pulling and all kinds of parting parts. Such as die plate, guide pin, guide sleeve, ejector and so on. It mainly can be divide into four parts:
1. Mold base.Including a lot of mold plates, in general it will process by mold base processing factory.And mold base has uniform manufacturing standards.
2. Guide structure components. In order to assure the cavity insert and core insert can centring exactly in compound die, it should set the guide components in the mold. In general there will be four guide pins and guide sleeves to compose the guide components. Sometimes it also need to set the tube matching each other to accurate positioning.
3. Ejector structure components. In the open die process, it need to have ejector structure to eject or pull out the plastic product and the material in the runner. 
4. Core-pulling mechanism. Some injection product with side concave or side hole which must be first to parting side before ejected. Take out the side core and depanning smoothly. At this time it need to set the side core-pulling mechanism in the mold,

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