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The feature and technical requirement of specular traceless injection mold

The specular traceless injection mold can be used in processing the plastic product with complex shape, and the product surface will no weld line, flow mark,flow line, shrinkage. Surface must be smooth and get the mirror effect.In recent years, specular traceless mold more and more be uesd to the household field. For example the LCD TV shell. What is the feature about the specular traceless mold?

1.The forming temperature of specular traceless injection mold is higher. In the higher mold temperature, injection molding make for eliminating the weld mark, flow mark, product internal stress etc.So mold should be heated at work to prevent heat loss, usually it will add a insulation board in the fixed mold side.
2.The cavity of specular traceless injection molding is very bright, mold polishing level need to meet the mirror secondary or higher. The specular product made by specular traceless mold can be applied directly to product assembly, no need to have secondary surface processing.
3.The hot runner has more hot sprue. And every hot sprue must be with independent pintle valve control system.Thus it can control each hot sprue to into glue in each segment,so as to control and even eliminate the weld line.
specular traceless injection mold is a kind of relatively advanced injection mold, although the cost and price is higher than the normal injection mold, the completed product is incomparable. Dongguan Yongsheng Hardware Plastic Product Co.,Ltd. has drawed into the highlight mold temperature controller, it specialize in the die trial and injection production for specular traceless injection mold.

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