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How to choose the mold parting surface in the design process of injection mold?

Whether the parting surface of injection mold is reasonable relate to the depanning of injection product, the structure of injection mold, the injection mold life and so on. Its importance is self-evident. So what is the foundation for us to choose the parting surface of injection mold?
    1. Make for product depanning,it is the most basic requirement.If the parting surface of injection mold is unreasonable, it will lead to the undercut of injection product and cannot depanning.
   2. Simplified mold structure. In many cases, different parting surfaces may cause the mold structure changed a lot. So we should choose the parting surface of injection mold with the premise of meeting the product requirement, and the optimization parting surface of mold structure will be the first choice.
   3. Make for the process and manufacture of the injection mold insert,internal mold or any other molding parts. It will help to injection mold fitting. 
   4. Help to assure the surface quality of injection product, or can eleminate the injection product defect in the process of injection. For example, different parting surfaces will cause the rim lock and joint line in different position.
  5. The parting surface of injection mold should be simple and no too much skips. If there are too much skips, not only the mold parts will hard to process, but also the difficulty of compound die will increase greatly.
   When choosing the parting surface of injection mold, we should integrated many factors to determine.

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