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2013 China plastic mold industry faced with challenges

2013 plastic mold industry will be more severe! Although the economic situation was complex at home and abroad in 2012, the plastic mold industry in China to produce a fairly good report card data, relative to previous years, these key performance indicators still appear more substantial decline, designated under the 2013 indicators is expected to be more severe.
For the development of this year, China plastic mold industry should grasp the overall tone " west bank make progress while ensuring stability ", will be the speed and scale for the first goal orientation into first goal orientation of quality and efficiency, to promote industrial chain upgrading and product upgrading technology; should seize the central link to improve the capability of independent innovation, to provide support for industry transformation and upgrading, to create a "two-oriented" social performance of their duties.
Domestic market: injection mould products total demand growth slowed, but the requirement to improve the level and quality of the products and equipment and obvious trend of internationalization of the domestic market, improve the core competitiveness of industries require urgent; rising costs increased pressure on industry profit margins are compressed ; resources and environmental constraints tend to strengthen extensive development mode unsustainable.Recommend  to read:plastic mold company

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