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What need to be checked when acceptance the plastic molds?

Plastic molds manufacturers do a good job of plastic mold, how should plastic molds manufacturers acceptance it? About this issue, China plastic mold manufacturers - Yongsheng molds give some advice the following:
1.Check the plastic product appearance make sure it is defect. Such as: contraction, flash or plastic mold structural problems.
2 .check the structure of plastic molds and plastic molds drawings.
3.Check the plastic mold Clamping piece, convenient transportation.
4. Check the plastic mold appearance must ensure no rust, no hit marks, no defects such as incomplete Qin, best paint treatment.
5.Check the plastic mold carrying water is unobstructed, to ensure no water leakage
6. provide complete information of all wearing parts, spare parts and mold design when delivery plastic mold.
Regular plastic molds manufacturers (such as hanking mold) will provide mould guarantee business, so guests even if the mold have a problem in the production process can also receive timely maintenance.Recommend  to read:hankin mold plastic injection mold

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