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External demand enhance the level of China plastic molds

Foreign economies appear stabilized phenomenon, but there are a lot of uncertainties, the global economic recovery is a slow and complex process. Affected by the financial crisis, international trade protectionism resurgence of trade frictions worsened facing our country, which will adversely affect China's exports. At the same time, the financial crisis caused by the decline in economic growth, an increase in unemployment, and a negative impact on people's spending habits. The short-term Chinese plastic molds external demand growth space is not optimistic.
However, the financial crisis has prompted a national policy adjustment, especially developed countries pay more attention to the economic development of China plastic molds entity existing global industrial division pattern, which will have a significant impact. At the same time, the pace of global technological innovation to accelerate and the rise of new industries will stimulate plastic mold manufacturing technology and technology innovation, has obvious international comparative advantage due to the production of plastic mold in China, developing countries can not be produced, we can produce; developed countries to produce, in most cases, we can be cheaper to produce.Recommend  to read:plastic molds show

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