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The demand of China plastic mold CNC machine tool

The market demand of China's high-end plastic molds CNC machine tool is very large, in 2015 it will reach an annual demand of 100,000 units.
The machine tool industry is greater impact by downstream demand, downstream industry annual investment in fixed assets, about 60% for the purchase of machine tools. During the "12th Five-Year downstream of the machine tool industry, aerospace industry, automotive, and high-speed rail, plastic injection molds machinery industry growth rate of investment, industrial restructuring, rising demand for high-end CNC machine tools. The rapid development of the plastic mold industry from 2003 to 2010, eight-year revenue growth of 10 times mold processing has been achieved mechanized CNC machine tools, plastic mold industry is very dependent on CNC machine tools. Plastic mold industry investment in fixed assets, the vast majority of the machine used to purchase fixed output value. Strong development of downstream industries will certainly promote the development of plastic mold CNC machine tools market.
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