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Information management is very important for plastic mold suppliers

The production of high-grade plastic molds not only need state-of-the-art technology and equipment, but also need to strengthen the management and control of the production process of plastic molds. Plastic mold production information management will directly affect the quality of the delivery of the plastic mold and plastic mold processing.
Dongguan Yongsheng Mould Co., Ltd.,as a local medium-sized plastic molds enterprises, mainly focused on the design and manufacture of various plastic molds. Before the company has been in use in the production of plastic mold management traditional fitter contracting system mode, this management model in the early stages of the development of enterprises has a simple management of interest-driven mechanism, the advantages is high efficiency, but to expand the enterprise scale, customer requirements increasingly improve the situation intensified market competition, management efficiency decreased gradually, and made it difficult to adapt to the requirements of quality, cost and delivery in the plastic mold industry competition.
Many other small and medium-sized plastic mold manufacturers are applying this management model, let the fitter to manage the entire mold production, the sets of plastic mold management have burden for enterprises, and at the same time losing the whole plant production rational management of resources, to take the initiative to coordinate all plastic mold production schedule, which also means the cost of production and the production quality control powerless. To address this shortcoming, plastic injection molds suppliers must strengthen the information management.

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