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The design of plastic injection mold cooling system

Injection mold cooling system design is one of the more important works, but it is very cumbersome, not only  to consider the uniformity of the plastic molds cooling effect and injection cooling, but also take into account the possible impact of the cooling system to mold the overall structure.

How to design a good mold cooling system is injection mold manufacturers should consider in the mold design process. Good mold cooling system should be designed to be as much as possible, the mold can be put on the cooling water. For example paint bucket mold cooling water should surround around the barrel processing over water holes, all direction should the cooling water and cooling water hole distance reasonable, uniform emission cups small circular mold, cooling water should surround the circumference of the cup processing optimal cooling effect and heat near the mouth to the hot runner hot runner mold, cooling water.
China Plastic Molds Supplier - Dongguan Yongsheng Plastic Mould take full account of the cooling system of the mold before the mold design. Possible in the inside of the mold cooling water, the lower injection cooling time, improve production efficiency and greatly reduce the production of the product costs.

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