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What can Plastic mold steel divided into?

Plastic molds material is the material used in manufacturing steel mold. It mainly include plastic molds steel and other materials. Die steel divided into the plastic mold steel, cold work die steel and hot work die steel:

1.Plastic molds steel is mainly used for the production of plastic molds steels, which need have a good polishing, machining and heat treatment performance, now there are more molds types of plastic mold steel in China.
2.Cold work die steel is mainly used for stamping molds which require high hardness steel, good wear resistance. There mainly have Cr12, Cr12M1V1 and so on.
3, hot work die steel is mainly used for casting molds, extrusion dies. Requirements of steel and good thermal conductivity, wear resistance should also be good.
There also have other injection mold materials such as cast iron, copper, aluminum, carbide and non-metallic materials.Plastic molds steel is the foundation of mold manufacturing, if you choose a good use of steel, it will directly affect the performance and life of the mold.The artical is edited by china injection mold

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