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To achieve plastic mold industrialization Step-by-step

China plastic molds industry has gone through the development process of the trilogy, the development of the industry itself is mature and more perfect, plastic mold Industrial Park continue to be set up, and the progressive realization of the plastic mold industry and the brand in China.
Initially, most of the plastic mold companies in China are small workshops, which went to the cottage-style development model, plastic mold delivery, cost, quality control aspects layer out constantly. With the mold industry development and expansion of business scale, individual scale leading enterprises formed medium and small injection mold companies echelon.
In the late 1990s, injection molds economy booming that activated mold market, large injection molds companies development toward large-scale industrial Park. Mould industrial Park for plastic mold companies provide a low-cost, high-efficiency production trading platform, or a service platform. Injection mold industrial park in the development process is being turned into a display of corporate image, brand, service information center, the enterprise market to establish a brand image, create awareness and reputation.

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