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Knowledge about plastic mold measuring equipment

In recent years, due to injection molds technology and market demand, plastic molds measuring equipment emerged constantly, there has been a wide variety of measurement equipment. From the most commonly used first coordinate measuring machine, the gradual emergence of a more advanced portable articulated arm measuring machine, large-size laser tracker measurement equipment. Due to the characteristics of the product and mold process requirements, non-contact measuring machines also come on stream.
The measurement of the injection mold generally comprises the specified point of the control-type surface measurement, the diameter of the assembly and the positioning holes and position measuring, etc., often it also require the measurement type, the contour of the face line. In this case, the fixed measuring machine precision, automation, and point-to-point contact measurement capability is extremely applicable. If the requirements of the point cloud matching than the mold workpiece directly on the CAD model surfaces or mold pieces of Surveying and Mapping, the fixed measuring machine also can make use continuous-contact scanning probe and non-contact laser scanning probe, to achieve high efficiency, high-density point cloud scan measurements.The artical is edited by china plastic mold suppliers

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