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The development of China plastic mold is far from foreign

China injection molds growth rapid, but compared with the advanced countries, there are still a certain gap. Domestic injection mold market competitiveness of especially great demand for domestic high-end mold mainly rely on imports to meet. Compared to domestic injection mold and abroad, major differences exist in the mold steel processing technology, the design system and supporting supply.
1, the steel mold. By injection mold cost constraints, domestic use of mold P20 and 718 abroad dedicated mold material DINI, 2316, its mechanical properties, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and polishing brightness were significantly better than domestic material. This fundamentally affects the quality and life of the appearance of domestic injection molds.
2, the level of manufacturing process. Domestic manufacturer of  plastic injection mold the uneven process conditions, the gap is large. Many manufacturers are supporting many jobs depend manually because the device does not seriously affect the precision and quality.
3, mold design system. Although some domestic manufacturers are also using computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), but still remain in the introduction, digestion and absorption stage, it is difficult to form a mature theoretical guidance and design system. Therefore, the specification of injection mold design and development of software systems is a priority.The artical is wrighten by plastic molds supplier

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