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Knowledge about the plastic molds parts nitride

The plastic molds nitride is a very common heat treatment process, and its main purpose is to increase the hardness of the nitriding member and reduce its wear. The general mold nitride are vacuum nitriding, the hardness is more than 50 degrees.

Plastic mold nitrided parts divided into the overall nitride, moving parts nitride, touch contact with the Ministry of nitride and easily damaged inserts nitride. Overall nitride is material nitride mold cavity and core block mode to improve the hardness, but for high light plating requirements, Dongguan Yongsheng Plastic Mould Company does not recommend using nitride products nitride be influential finish. The moving parts include slant, straight top, sliders. Touch parts in contact resistance templates, parallel block. Was easily broken in the injection mold, often made of inserts, by nitriding can increase the strength of the insert member effectively, and allows the insert member and the periphery thereof is formed a difference in hardness, and to avoid the same hardness, easy to touch cleft.

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