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How is plastic molds weld line formed?

How is plastic molds weld line formed? The plastic mold weld line is exist in many plastic products, plastic mold weld line is seam splicing gap left by the time, it is a defect injection products.
The main reason of the formation of weld lines includes plastic materials, injection molding process and product structure. If PC + ABS material injection molding, it is easy to form the weld line, so it is best to use a needle-type hot runner. The product structure of the plastic products also have a weld marks in product design, to minimize the confluence of the structure after the shunt. In plastic molds design it is best to do mold flow analysis. Plastic craft weld marks controllability is the most flexible in the actual production, you can by plastic machine tune machine to eliminate or reduce the weld line, such as increasing the mold temperature, adjusting the injection speed, injection pressure, etc Plastic injection mold, weld lines will directly affect the quality of the product, which is a very important part of the development of plastic molds.The artical is edited by injection mold supplier

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