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Knowledge about extrusion structure

1, the plastic molds of the die and the mandrel: a die used to shape the outer surface of the plastic parts, the inner surface of the mandrel used for molding plastic parts, plastic injection molds die and the mandrel determines the cross-sectional shape of the plastic parts.
2, the filter and the filter plate: the role of filter is plastic melt by the helical motion into linear motion, filtered impurities, and a certain pressure; filter plates also known as a porous plate, also play the role of supporting the filter.
3, shunt and shunt stents: shunt allows shunt through the plastic melt smoothly into the molding area, while further heating and plasticizing; the shunt bracket mainly used to support the shunt and the mandrel into a thin ring also triage plastic melt to strengthen shear mixing role, but the weld line impact plastic strength. Minicomputer head shunt with its holder can be designed as a whole.The artical is wrighten by injection mold supplier china

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