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Plastic molds enterprises need to produce high-grade mold

China Plastic molds are mainly middle and low mold and accounted for a large proportion. Some high-end molds are mainly concentrated in large enterprises or imported directly. Plastic mould are generally middle and low technical content is relatively low, the competition in the market  is severe, with low profits mold products, if Plastic mould companies has long been engaged in the production of middle and low mold for the development of a business is very unfavorable.
China Plastic mold market is dominated by the middle and low mold phenomenon, the main reason causing the national conditions. China is a developing country, adequate human resources ,middle and low technical content of the injection mold can be said that the labor-intensive industry. Often a small workshop or individual can complete a mold manufacturing in Huangyan, for example, for some daily necessities mold can rely on their own to complete. Another reason is that the United States, Europe, Japan and other advanced industrial countries caused by the contraction in the economy due to the subprime mortgage crisis, limited expansion potential, taking into account the injection mold processing costs, tend to choose the middle and low procurement in China injection mold, and high precision the Plastic injection  mold is often produced in their own country.

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