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Steel heat treatment improve the service life of plastic moulds

Plastic moulds heat treatment process is a very important part of the mold process. Plastic molds after the heat treatment will increase the hardness of the mold, to improve the mechanical properties of the steel, to reduce the deformation of the mold production, to increase the life of the mold.
The heat treatment of the plastic moulds will result in thermal deformation of the mold material, so before the heat treatment cant be mold finishing, often the mold after roughing, to ensure that the mold remaining size 2-3mm injection mold according to the actual size, and then subjected to a heat treatment, mold to lay cooling after heat treatment for 3-4 days or less, such as mold temperature and the outdoor temperature, and then finishing.
Plastic moulds heat treatment has a great relationship with the steel mold. Thermosetting mold steel vacuum quenching, the general is not like the P20 and other steel products. We often say that P20H, 718H, 2738H material with H refers to the pre-hard, that these materials have been heat treated quenched and processed.
When Heat treatment processing, plastic moulds parts surface oxidation, decarburization and increase carbon effect which will have serious repercussions to the life of mold. So when considering the heat treatment to be concerned about, the vacuum quenching phenomenon does not occur. Heat treatment is very effective, for the life of the injection mold to improve the initial mold than without heat treatment, it is estimated to be 50% higher.The artical is wrighten by plastic molds supplier

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