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The importance of the maintenance of plastic molds

Plastic molds in the actual production process of the plastic parts, the maintenance work is very important. theplastic molds maintenance work can effectively extend the actual production life of the injection mold. Mold manufacturers or injection molding factory should be maintenance in the following aspects:
1.Plastic products enterprise should test variety of performance in the injection molding machine, mold normal operating conditions, and the final size of the molded plastic parts measuring this information to determine the existing state of the mold, to find out the cavity, the core cooling system, as well as sub-surface damage, according to the information provide to determine the damage state of the injection mold, as well as maintenance measures.
2. It should be given to each pair of injection mold with biographical card, detailed records, statistics on the use, care (lubrication, cleaning, rust-proof) and damage to the case, pursuant to which can be found in which parts, components, damage, wear size to provide information to identify and solve problems, as well as the mold molding process parameters of the materials used to shorten the mold test time, improve production efficiency.The artical is wrighten by plastic mold supplier

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