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The advantages of hot runner plastic molds

There are many advantages of hot runner plastic molds, today plastic mold suppliers will share some knowledge with you:
1. What is hot runner: hot runner is to ensure plastic runners and gates maintain the molten state by way of heating. Hot runner system is generally made of hot nozzle manifold, temperature control box and accessories parts. The hot nozzle general includes two types: open hot nozzle and needle-hot nozzle. Hot nozzle forms directly determines the selection of hot runner systems and mold manufacturing, which often corresponding hot runner system into open hot runner system and valve gate system.
2. advantages of hot runner system. The general mold apply outlet material, but repeated use will make plastic performance degradation, the use of hot runner system outlet material, not only can reduce the loss of raw materials, thereby reducing the cost of the product, temperature and pressure in the cavity, the stress of plastic parts, uniform density, the smaller injection pressure, shorter molding time better than the injection system,injection mold products. For transparent pieces of thin pieces of large plastic parts or high demand of plastic parts to better show its advantages and achieve smaller models produce larger.The artical is written by injectin mold supplier

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