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Items must be inspected before injection mold delivery

Our injection mold will has a comprehensive inspection before delivery, so as to ensure our mold quality and life, and ensure to achieve hundred percent customer satisfaction. Below are the items must be checked before our injection mold delivery.

     The first: mold structure function detection, to check if each mold parts function can normal operation.For example: whether the ejection of ejector pin is smooth, and if the movement of slide is smooth.Whether the limit switch are useful, and if other parts can work and play its proper role.

     The second: mold material detection. Testing internal model, mold base, insert, angle from pin, wedge wear plate, and other parts material hardness whether 
meet the customer's requirements.

     Third: mold water line detection.Testing if the mold water line is obstructed. And whether the water line buffle and water line plug was short-shipped.

     Fourth: mold appearance detection.If the mold appearance have rust. Whether the carved word and nameplate on the mold are made according to customers' 

     Fifth: mold assembly detection. Testing the assembly of insert and internal model, slider and internal model to check if they are smooth and loose. And whether the screws for assembly are complete or not.

    Sixth: mold parts detection. Testing if each parts of mold have abrasion. Whether the mold parts are complete or not.

    Seven: mold fittings and spare parts detection. Testing if the mold additional accessories are complete, such as the spare standard parts, spare insert, 
spare machine nozzle, etc. Some customers need electrode, so whether the electrode is ready on.

     Eight: mold data detection. Whether the 3D/2D file of mold is all ready and according to customer's requirements to change into corresponding format. Whether it is prepared all the mold material certificate and heat treatment certificate.

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