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Some knowledge about the plastic molds processing

The structure of Plastic mold is ever-changing, but all kinds separated from their cases, basically by five typical structure of evolution. No matter how complex plastic injection mold, it always through the pieces of plate, and a few lever permutations hierarchically opening, the second opening, 3 open, quarto, or front, rear, left, and right next and pumping side open.

In the current tide of market competition in China, the plastic molds industry are fitter Alone "mode of production in the majority of urban and rural development to individual and collective miniaturization, these small enterprises are short, flat, fast production of plastic mold, where professional die fitter, see plastic samples, will be able to consider the overall structure of the mold, carve out immediately cutting mold size or optional mold base. Next expected or purchase the mold of the same time, they begin to outline mold processing sketch. In other materials or moldbase place, fitter command for roughing, fine processing convergence process. Die fitter is the organizer of production, final assembly of the mold. Plastic mold structure to understand what extent, it is an important symbol to measure the level of die fitter. 
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