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Knowledge about plastic mold benchmark -plastic mold supplier

Because the plastic molds processing equipment, processing means is different, plastic mold assembly benchmark selection is also not identical, assembly benchmark is roughly divided into two kinds.
1, the cavity, core assembly benchmark
The body molded parts plastic injection mold cavity, core assembly benchmark, known as the first benchmark. Other parts plastic mold cavity, core basis of preparation and assembly. Precise positioning of the guide post, guide sleeve hole positioning, cavity, core portfolio, stuffed in the gap around eight uniform thickness of copper sheet, and seek uniform wall thickness, alignment, scheduled to die. 
2. as a benchmark to the vertical sides of the A, B templates:
In injection mold rack of A and B plate side two perpendicular base as A benchmark, known as the second benchmark. Every cavity, core, nap and assembly, the installation of the guide pin, guide sleeve hole device and lateral sliding block guide position of pumping, all in accordance with the datum respectively according to the cartesian coordinates x, y, positioning, and are looking for. With the second benchmark processing, can be made by coordinate boring machine and all kinds of digital machine tools for sheet processing, does not need combination of accessories.

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