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The 113th China Import and Export Fair - the opening of China Export Commodities Fair

On the evening of April 14, the Fair Westin ballroom filled with visitors, more than 450 Chinese and foreign guests gathered together to celebrate the grand opening of the 113th China Import and Export Fair.
Director of the Canton Fair, Guangdong Governor Zhu Xiaodan pointed out that the Canton Fair will actively adapt to the new situation and new requirements, efforts to enhance the group exhibition and exhibitors, innovative investment approach, expanding the service content, leading the business transformation and upgrading, and strive to provide better, more efficient procurement and negotiate services for domestic and foreign businessmen. Guangdong Provincial Government will continue to support the reform and development the Canton Fair, and strive to create efficient and convenient, safe and harmonious rule of law, international business environment.
Fair deputy director of the Ministry of Commerce Vice Minister Jinzao Li in his speech said that the Canton Fair is held for the first time after the establishment of the party's 18 victory held and the new central government. Fair to continue to play the role of window and platform to further promote of China's economic integration with the world economy at the same time, will vigorously promote the stable exports and expand imports of organic integration, and guide enterprises gradually formed as the core technology, brand, quality, service exports competitive new advantage. After the Canton Fair will be held a series of activities designed to promote trade, promote enterprises to increase R & D and design innovation, accelerate the transformation of foreign trade development mode.

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